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Our National Leadership Academy is an advanced skills-building boot camp for new and returning NAAAP national and chapter leaders. The interactive program provides workshops designed to reinvigorate, educate, and guide, with opportunities to network and collaborate with current and upcoming leaders as well as National Board members.  

Below are some workshops for you to look forward to:

5 Signature Voices

In this interactive workshop, you will discover your leadership voice and preferred communication style. By gaining self-awareness through an objective lens and understanding of your natural tendencies and your patterns of behavior, you can respond to different communication styles and relationships in a productive way. 

Personal Branding Clarity 

Gain clarity in your personal vision, mission, and values to align with your personal and professional lives. Learn how to share your vision and passion authentically to grow your chapter and professionally. 

How to Be a Multiplying Leader

Learn how to intentionally develop and grow your team in a sustainable and scalable way. Every leader needs to “delegate to elevate” their role, otherwise they get stuck doing work others can do, and not spend enough time on the important things that energizes them. Some leaders subtract, some leaders divide, and the good leaders can add, but the best leaders can multiply and grow their team and organization to the next leadership team.

Modern Leadership: Communication and Executive Presence

You may be competent but are you influential? In this session we’ll explore how your communication style and influence can make or break some of the most critical moments in your career. We’ll look at communication strategies on an everyday basis as well as how you can elevate your executive presence. Through scenarios, we’ll have you in real-time learning and practicing approaches you can apply to help overcome tough situations.

Succession Planning Panel

In this panel discussion, you will learn the importance of developing a succession plan.  Our panelist will share from their vast experiences how they have incorporated succession planning into their professional careers.  Learn why succession planning is important, potential challenges, measuring success, and how a successful succession plan can benefit you and your organization.

Coaching and Mentoring Others

This will be an interactive and engaging workshop.  Some discussion points will cover how to distinguish between coaching and mentoring, the value of having a and serving as a coach and mentor, and tips on becoming a good coach and mentor.

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